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High Stakes Benchmarking for International Best Practice: ARAUCO, Chile.

The Challenge

Faced with specific government policies and complexities in Chile, ARAUCO, a pulp and paper company, was risking a possible shut down because of newly proposed regulations.

ARAUCO’s water treatment was exceptional, and water leaving the plant met local standards and norms. Yet the team was unable to provide the evidence needed to keep the facility open for ongoing operation. With regulatory actions set to take place quickly, ARAUCO was confronted with high stakes timelines with little margin for error.

The Collaboration

ARAUCO called on AFARA on December 22nd and by early January, the team was on the ground in Chile. By quickly establishing trust and in depth research, an assessment of the proposed regulation was compared to international standards. The AFARA team helped ARAUCO to reset the regulatory process to align to global best practices.

The Change

The assessment provided by AFARA helped to establish credibility, now on a global scale, for a company facing a dire outcome. Additionally, the assessment acted as a key piece of evidence to renew discussion with regulators, confirming that ARAUCO would be able to keep their doors open.