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The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association Collaborates to Address Business Challenges

The Challenge

The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) represents ~97% of the energy moving in pipelines in Canada. The association called on AFARA to help analyze and benchmark best standards on energy pipeline policy and regulation. AFARA conducted the assessment on energy pipeline watercourse cross regulation to help inform future decision-making, and support engaging government officials.

The Collaboration

AFARA worked with CEPA to address business challenges and prioritization. Working in collaboration with two separate sub-committees as well as individual global companies such as Enbridge, and Transcanada, AFARA used one-on-one interviews, case studies and engagement to understand the best regulatory, policy and environmental practices for energy pipeline watercourse crossings. By creating a criteria framework for decision-making, AFARA was able to facilitate the inclusion of all key stakeholders to establish a collective consensus.

The Change

AFARA’s assessment allowed for CEPA to have open, productive discussions with policy makers and regulators based on best practices. This also helped to refine the tools CEPA needed to advocate for collaborative and informed policy decisions. AFARA’s support means furthering empowered advocacy and decision making.