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Confidential Oil & Gas Co.

Setting an Enduring Strategic Direction with Multinational Oil & Gas Company to Diminish CO₂ Emissions

"AFARA has been very adaptable to our demands, customizing their service offering to suit our schedule and priorities. I consider Afara one of our key partners in sustainability program development."
Client from a Confidential Multinational Integrated Oil and Gas Company

The Challenge

This multinational oil and gas company who are one of the top ten producers of crude oil in Canada, wanted to address climate risk across their entire business. The Company is complex and operates in Western and Atlantic Canada, the United States and the Asia Pacific region, with Upstream and Downstream business segments and thousands of employees.

With so much complexity and technical and financial risk, The Company struggled to identify what to prioritize first, or how to tackle their impact on the climate; seeking out AFARA to provide increased direction.

The Collaboration

AFARA worked in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders and top-level decision makers to establish an agenda and spark valuable conversation over the course of two comprehensive workshops. By creating a prioritization framework, and financial and risk analysis systems, AFARA helped to create company wide processes to establish buy in. Collectively tackling the challenge of reducing CO₂ emissions while increasing financial resilience.

The Change

AFARA’s work created company alignment on three essential 2017 actions items, while reducing risk and financial exposure to a climate price. As a team, AFARA made sure that this course of action included no-regret, no-lose actions and now acts as a valued partner of this multinational corporation in long-term sustainability program development.