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Nestle Waters North America

Creating the Trifecta: Equally Prioritizing Science, Stewardship and Community Engagement with Nestlé Waters North America (see our work here)

The Challenge

Nestlé Waters North America (NWNA) operates a sophisticated ecosystem of more than 25 bottled water facilities in varying communities across the U.S. and Canada, employing more than 8,500 people in North America. NWNA approached AFARA to find a way to balance their focus on science, environmental stewardship and sustainable sourcing with community engagement. The goal is to make sustainability a key enabler of NWNA’s growth.

The Collaboration

With an ambitious goal, AFARA established a technical task force to capture the best water siteing practices in NWNA and best practices from outside of the company. AFARA led this team and helped establish a steering group to make actionable, decisions that increase resilience and sustainability of future spring water siteing. AFARA’s expertize and NWNA’s knowledge of the science of water meant that the collaboration established an industry leading approach, while keeping communities as central to the process as science.

The Change

Together, AFARA and NWNA created a process that jointly creates shared value for communities, stakeholders, and NWNA – you can see the Framework here. AFARA is continuing in collaboration with NWNA to roll out the framework, conduct training sessions and make improvements. NWNA is implementing this new Framework and celebrating their company’s commitment to communities, stewarding water and conscientiously sourcing and managing springs.