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Region of Peel

Six Levels of Government Come Together to Tackle Climate Vulnerabilities in Peel Region

"Dan was a fantastic collaborator and provided significant value add through community climate change partnership capacity building efforts."
Mark Pajot
Advisor, Office of Climate Change, Peel Region

The Challenge

There are six separate levels of government in Peel Region, Ontario. Each level of government had worked on approaches to address individual climate vulnerabilities, that made sense individually, yet they struggled to work together to tackle the problem as a collective.

The region relied on AFARA to help streamline and prioritize their plan and implement steps to understand and reduce vulnerability effectively.

The Collaboration

By understanding individual stakeholder needs, AFARA helped to enact impactful collaboration and create a framework for aligning each region and their corresponding complexities.

Using focused analysis to develop the best course of action for all stakeholders, AFARA was able to highlight areas of overlap and prioritize high-risk regions for each level of government. Laying out a concrete plan to implement change and address priorities in tandem.

AFARA provided strategic recommendations, creating engagement and governance support to implement climate adaptation actions in Peel Region.

The Change

AFARA’s work helped to secure funding and contributed to Peel Regional approval of climate mitigation and adaptation as one of 11 Term of Council Priorities. Improved decision making through rigorous technical, economic and scientific assessment from AFARA helped the Peel Climate partnership to evolve to further impact and optimization.