Providing useful
perspective and
powerful insight.

By linking management consulting, deep policy and regulatory knowledge, engineering and science, and behavioural economics, AFARA provides actionable insights that are best suited for our clients’ complex needs.





Depth of Expertise

We pride ourselves on understanding the shape shifter that is sustainability. We’re a versatile team backed by years of industry experience, favouring facts over impulse. We love numbers, data and evidence and their ability to illuminate true opportunities and support lasting outcomes for your company.

thoughtful with your time

We understand that while our work is foundational, time is a scarce resource. Depending on your individual role in the project, your engagement will vary. For example, leadership is consulted and informed of project progress but participation at each touch point is based on preference. We have all the time in the world for you, but we can take as much or as little of yours as you like.

attentive communication

Scheduled touch points, and detailed work backs help us stay accountable and keep you in the loop. Attentive, ongoing communication between touch points is based on your time and needs. This means that you are never worried about managing us, rather you can get excited with where we’re going.

customized collaboration

We’re able to scale our team accordingly, working with specialized analysts to provide robust support. We work shoulder to shoulder as your trusted collaborators, making sure you always have access to our team at any given moment. Your goals are our goals.